State of affairs

  • Date: 01. Januar 2022

The last two years for Lenné3D were dominated by smaller projects and internal software and process optimizations. The projects often dealt with effects on the concerns of the protection of historical monuments.

Another new field of activity is the visualization of projects, analyses and simulations from the field of climate. This includes many facets from climate change adaptation planning to ventilation analysis in the context of newly planned development.

In parallel, we have extended and improved our in-house visualization and presentation software Biosphere3D. With great success! Now we have interfaces to the most common climate models and can visualize the results of the simulations in Biosphere3D in a diverse, vivid and spatial way.

To fully exploit this potential, an interface to Virtual Reality has been incorporated. This allows us to view a 3D scene in Biosphere3D with a wind animation immersively and in real time using an Oculus Rift.
We hope to see more momentum in the renewable energy sector and encourage interested parties to contact us. Our services are based on 20 years of experience, our own software as well as different forms of display and presentation.

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