Making change visible

Lenné3D offers project-specific services and software products for the modelling and visualisation of landscapes, gardens and vegetation through interactive applications, animations and static images.

Why we should work together

We can create any type of visualisation for you – from realistic simulations in photos, videos and panoramas to virtual walk-through 3D models. We do this by means of a wide range of software and methods. Our visualisations are ideally suited to making spatial changes or complex processes visible and comprehensible. In this way they become essential components of internal and external project communication.
In recent years we have above all been working on projects in the fields of energy policy, climate change as well as the perennial issue of the visual landscape. We don’t only create visualisations for you, but also support you at information events and in the creation of project websites and scientific surveys. We are also able to provide you with support throughout the communication process.
Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of different project set-ups, we can offer you flexible and efficient support. Our expertise and scientific background guarantee a high level of quality as well as neutrality. This makes us a strong partner to our clients and at the same time underlines our position as an independent, external expert – especially in critical, emotional or complex projects.

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