Environmental planners, urban and spatial planners, architects

We support you throughout the planning process

… with simple abstract renderings in the design phase through to highly realistic visualisations. We create simple, image-based 3D simulations of your project for planning permission applications, environmental assessments and public consultation exercises. For larger or more complex projects we recommend the use of interactive 3D models. These allow different scenarios, versions and designs to be combined in the presentation. In communication with both decision makers and the public, these models can be used interactively in real time or used to export images and video.

What our clients say

The collaboration with Lenné3D has always been very inspiring. One of our work focuses is to develop innovative concepts for cultural landscapes shaped by renewable energies. With Lenné3D we have a good tool to plausibly visualize these models of future energy landscapes. This is very important for the communication with developers, municipalities or residents!