Validation of visualisations

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Is a visualisation professionally sound, trustworthy and
and suitable as a basis for information?

Visualisations are frequently used in the communicating of projects, plans and spatial changes. In principle this is positive, as it enriches the communication process with easily understandable information. At the same time however, there are no rules on how visualisations are to be created and presented. At Lenné3D we have been considering this issue for nearly 20 years and as of recently also offer the analysis of visualisations.

Our specialists verify the positional accuracy, dimensioning and professionality of simulated objects and prepare a short report. The focus is not on stylistic issues or questions of personal preference, but on objective criteria that can be derived from scientific discussions. We provide a validation of the visualisation so that you as surveyor, authority or facilitator know whether the renderings satisfy professional standards and can be used as a neutral source of information.