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Digital Landscape Architecture Conference - DLA 2022

09. Juni 2022

The theme of this year’s DLA is „HYBRID: Analog + Digital = The next normal“. The physical event is at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Design [More]


State of affairs

01. Januar 2022

The last two years for Lenné3D were dominated by smaller projects and internal software and process optimizations. The projects [More]


Publication: Envisioning future landscapes

01. November 2021

In 2011 Lenné3D received the exciting contract to virtually model the Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park in Israel. The demands [More]


Regional assessment of the landscape

15. März 2021

The final report in the research project „Regional assessment of the landscape for the planning region Southwest Thuringia including [More]


Biosphere3D: Interactive representation of power lines

01. März 2021

Driven by the need in two simultaneously commissioned projects, we have significantly improved the representation of power lines [More]


Integration of solar energy into the energy landscape

30. November 2020

The final report in the research project „Integration of Solar Energy in the Lower Saxony Energy Landscape (INSIDE)“ has been published. [More]


Biosphere3D supports the NetCDF format

01. Oktober 2020

For a cooperation with colleagues from Wageningen University, Lenné3D has developed a promising interface from Biosphere3D [More]

Example of a high-end visualization

01. Juli 2020

The example shows the simulation of a wind farm from a busy beach. A static video was recorded as the visual basis. The wind farm [More]


Biosphere3D is ready for Virtual Reality (VR)

01. Juni 2020

In Biosphere3D, landscape models can now be navigated in real time and viewed with VR glasses. We are very excited [More]


Presentation of an interactive 3D model

27. Januar 2020

During an extensive technical exchange, the compatibility of a planned power line with the nearby cultural monument was discussed. [More]


Relocation: From now on in Schildesche in Schuckertstr. 15a

01. Januar 2020

Since January 2020, the headquarters of Lenné3D GmbH in Bielefeld has moved to Schuckertstraße 15a. Of course, nothing [More]


Visualization of climatic analyses and results

31. Oktober 2019

We are pleased to be part of the VDI working group „Presentation/Visualization of Climatic Analyses and Results“. At the kick-off workshop [More]


Nürtingen: Interactive presentation of the Bahnstadt

30. September 2019

In cooperation with the team of Prof. Michael Roth from the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences, Lenné3D is currently [More]


Exhibition in Chemnitz: Life at the Dead Sea

27. September 2019

Lenné3D was commissioned to create an exhibit for the exhibition „Life at the Dead Sea – Archaeology from the Holy Land“. The interactive application [More]


Lenné3D: CityGML interface for Biosphere3D

15. Juli 2019

This summer we developed a direct interface from Biosphere3D to the CityGML format. We have high hopes for this interface, especially [More]